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NSL Data Solutions

NSL Data Solutions

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At NSL, your data is a big deal.

We understand the difficulties that are involved in setting up a whole communications system. This is why we have developed end to end solutions including communications hardware and delivery mechanisms which make this process simple.

Part of NSL’s secret to success is the Globalstar network. As a VAR for Globalstar, NSL makes use of the 24 communications satellites already in LEO to provide highly dependable data transmission from space to ground.

Ways to get your data:

  • NSL data console
  • NSL’s Front End Processor (FEP)
  • Make a request!

Data Visibility in Near Real Time

Access through NSL's web-based console gives insight as to what is going on with your satellite or balloon in near real time. Console functionality is available for free with qualifying purchases.

No ground station.

Data is delivered to NSL servers over the internet and available for viewing or downloading in the NSL console, no need for an expensive ground station setup.

Highly proven system.

As a var for Globalstar, NSL is able to utilize an established, highly reliable communications network. Due to the availability of the Globalstar network in LEO, data transmission is possible in most places. Also, NSL's radios have a great track record.

Your data your way:

We try our best to be flexible in the way that your data is delivered. There are a number of ways in which our customers can obtain data.