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New Distributor Announcement - Alta Devices Inc.

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Alta Devices Inc, effective July 15, 2019. NearSpace Launch Inc.(NSL) will be a distributor of Solar Cells to the SmallSat Community.
NSL is committed to providing exceptional satellite systems and customer service. We expect that this will be enhanced as we work together with the Alta Devices team.
Established in 2008, Alta Devices Inc are manufacturers of gallium arsenide solar cells.

 “Alta Devices technology holds the single junction solar efficiency record at 29.1%. Our solar cells produce more power per unit area than any other solar material on the market.”

 NearSpace Launch Inc. has a growing reputation as an innovative company that can meet customer’s requirements, solve problems, offering expert technical advice and support from a team that has over 50 years’ experience in the space industry.
In cooperation with Alta Devices we will offer our products from a local stock as well as direct deliveries from their plant.
Please contact nsl@nearspacelaunch.com for any inquiries or questions regarding the effective use of Alta Devices Solar Cell products.