Announcement --- Launch 12/3 1:31pm (EST) Falcon 9 • Spaceflight SSO-A has 4 NSL systems --- Launch 12/5 1:31pm (EST) Falcon 9 • SpaceX CRS 16 has 2 NSL systems

Our Promise

Our Mission

NearSpace Launch, Inc. is dedicated to research, innovation and delivery of small satellites for space and earth-space boundary exploration.

To this end, NSL will:

  1. Research and develop new technology for the satellite community in the areas of communication, power management, and modular instrumentation frameworks;
  2. Support the education of a new generation of researchers and space scientists through innovative educational programs;
  3.  Provide service to the satellite community through custom developed power management, communication and instrumentation systems for satellites;
  4. Provide service to the satellite community through data services emphasizing ground station-less near-real-time data retrieval, standard and custom data analysis reports, and optional data warehousing for collaborative studies and comparisons.