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Built on the extensive heritage of the EyeStar series, the S4 takes the reliability of more than 180+ radios in orbit and provides customers with reduced latency, 24/7 pole-to-pole connection, and a half-duplex commanding capability, all while reducing the overall size, weight, and power (SWaP) of the radio.


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S4 Improvements

Reduced SWaP

Sat-to-Sat Coms Architecture

(No Ground Stations Required)

Very Low Latency (w/in seconds)

Increased Data Rate 

Effective Despite Tumble (up to 12 RPM)

Capable of Half-Duplex Commanding

When you choose EyeStar, you are leveraging over 66 satellites in the Iridium network – providing a high level of connectivity in ELEO.

The Power of Iridium 

Because the EyeStar S4 operates on the Iridium network, provide continuous connectivity for your satellite in orbit no matter where in space it is, and anytime (24/7 coverage). Real-time data at low latency of a few seconds is critical for mission success during regular, discovering satellite health problems early, making real-time data available for payload trigging, failure analysis, or monitoring attitude performance. The Simplex radios have worked well in polar and lower inclinations and for tumbling spacecraft up to 15 rpm. Packet throughput is over 90%, over 100% of the earth (see AIAA Papers #11). No ground station is necessary with the NSL radio since all secure data is available on the internet in near real-time from the Iridium commercial ground stations.



The EyeStar Half Duplex is your solution for quick, reliable beaconing from your satellite. From research to health and safety data, EyeStar S4 delivers your data without a hitch.

See Flight data via NSL published paper

SSC22-S1-05 - Thin CubeSats and Compact Sensors for Constellations in VLEO to Deep Space


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