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Eyestar Radio

NSL offers the Half Duplex communication systems authorized to interface with Iridium  comprehensive international network. This means that when you choose EyeStar, you are leveraging over 66 satellites in the Iridium network – providing a high level of connectivity in ELEO.

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NSL’s line of EyeStar communication systems build on years of on orbit flight experience and experimentation in high altitude research. These products are designed for your use. Choose EyeStar S4 duplex unit which interface with the international Iridium satellite network.

The EyeStar Half Duplex is your solution for quick, reliable beaconing from your satellite. From research to health and safety data, EyeStar S4 delivers your data without a hitch.

Leverage an established flight heritage 100+ NSL affiliated satellites – S4 Crossover, GEARRS-3, TROOP-3 TROOP-4 – depended upon the reliable communication from the EyeStar S3 & S4.

See Flight data via NSL published paper

SSC22-S1-05 - Thin CubeSats and Compact Sensors for Constellations in VLEO to Deep Space

Comprehensive Data Collection
All EyeStar tech interfaces with the comprehensive Iridium satellite network, significantly simplifying the process of data collection by backing EyeStar with a robust telecommunications network.

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EyeStar-S4 Radio
EyeStar-S4 Radio
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